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    Pharmacy Management Software System

    ৳ 26,000.00 ৳ 25,000.00

    Main Features :

    • Customer Management Module
    • Supply & Purchase Module
    • One Click Installation
    • Inventory Module
    • Easy Invoicing System
    • Financial Module
    • Product Management Module
    • Fresh and Clean Code
    • Daily, Monthly, Yearly Sales, Profit and Expense Report
    • Due Payment Management
    • Choose Any Currency
    • Medicine, Drugs, Customers, Employees, Clients, supplier and Users management
    • POS (Point of Sale) management
    • Search Medicine, Customer, Purchase, Invoices by Its First Letter
    • Sales Graph
    • Print Invoices
    • Generate Report By Date Range and Many More.
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    HR Management System

    ৳ 50,000.00 ৳ 30,000.00
    Main Feature 
    • Client management
    • Team management
    • Informative dashboard
    • File sharing and team conversation
    • Task management
    • Beautiful file preview and comments
    • All reports of any client in a single page
    • Multiple currency for clients
    • Informative profile page for client contacts
    • Support tickets
    • Client portal
    • Invoice management
    • Send PDF copy of invoice
    • Expense & payments report
    • Custom permissions for team members
    • Event calendar
    • Private messaging with team members and clients
    • Enable/disable client signup/messaging
    • Private notes
    • Email templates
    • Timecard/attendance management
    • Leave management
    • Multi language
    • Team member?s details view
    • Announcement/notice management
    • Report printing and export
    • Dynamic graph and visual report
    • Install updates in a click
    • Easily accessible UI
    • Responsive design
    • Codeigniter 3.0.6
    • Awesome notifications
    • And more
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    Point of Sale Software (POS)

    ৳ 50,000.00 ৳ 30,000.00

    Point of Sale Software (POS)

    Streamline the retail checkout process for your employees and customers. Supoth point of sale software (POS) provides businesses with a cash register system that stores product information, making the checkout process quicker and more accurate for your customers and your records.
    • Easily record sales transactions.
    • Print receipts for customers.
    • Manage product pricing and discounts.
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    School Management Software

    ৳ 100,000.00 ৳ 50,000.00

    School Management Software

    Our School Management System (SMS) is intended to automate day to day school administrative work like Attendance, student info management, Class Routine, exam routine and much more. The provision of the software is to help school management to save time on day to day school activity. Once the School Management System is in use, it will enable the school management to access all the necessary information, reports, files & documents of all the departments of the school in seconds.Implementation of the Solution will not only speed up activities in the school environments but also make the management of school save time to attend to other matters.The school management system is completely an online web based solution, which can be accessed from anywhere online.
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    Beauty Parlor Management Software

    ৳ 50,000.00 ৳ 30,000.00
    Managing a health and beauty business is a unique endeavor that is unlike any other. You want an operating software that will enhance the atmosphere you’ve worked hard to instill in your salon. Our salon management system was created to effectively match the needs of health and beauty business owners nationwide. When you purchase this beauty Parlour / salon software, you will find that every aspect of managing your company is covered in this extensive system.