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Tailor – Fashion Designer Management System is a complete solution for tailors and fashion designers.It helps to manage all orders/sales, customers, income, expenses, measurements, so you can keep things organised and get detailed report of your fashion business while you concentrate on other important things. it allows you to keep track of customers measurements, orders and also let you send them sms when work is done as well as print receipts for them. It has a calender built in so you keep track of when a customer is expecting her clothes..


Inventory Managemen Features:

  • -- A to Z Dynamic.
  • -- Informative Admin Dashboard.
  • -- Complete Tailor Management System
  • -- Videw & Edit Order Management
  • -- Product Alert
  • -- Customer Management
  • -- View Edit Customer
  • -- Sent Message
  • -- Staff Management
  • -- Expense Management
  • -- Income Management
  • -- Measurement Setting
  • -- General Setting
  • -- People Management
  • -- Logs Management
  • -- Account Management
  • -- Company Setting

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